Monday, November 2, 2009

2nd Day of Nano

I'm pleased to report that my Nano project is progressing. I'm really enjoying the story that's taking place right before my eyes. The plot's good, the characters are developing, and I'm currently up to 13,878 words, which is way ahead of schedule. My only problem is that I want to back and start editing it. But that is verboten.

Here's an idea that you might find helpful.

When I begin a story I have no idea who the characters are. But as I get into it, I start to get a feel for them and for their appearance. I picture actors playing their parts. In fact, I take it one step further and find photos of the actors on the Internet and print them out with character names typed on them. I also pick a setting. Since this novel is written in the Steampunk style, I've chosen Southampton, England as the initial setting. But we'll be doing some traveling when the adventure gets under way.

Here's what my wall curently contains:

Brad Pitt is Richard Armstrong, a fourteen year old orphan whose father died recently leaving him a huge fortune, an estate, and sufficient hired help to run it.

Helen Hunt is Wren Remington. She is the love interest of Richard.

Sean Connery is Angus Callahan, who actually started this whole adventure by bringing a map into the mix that leads to an unimaginable treasure.

Rutger Hauer is Werner Von Hisle. Werner is a bad guy, and he owns a dirigible manufacturing plant in Porstmouth, England.

Tom Cruise play Werner's son, Hans Von Hisle. He's a bad guy also and an eavesdropping snitch who finds out what's going on and tells his father.

Kuko is played by Jackie Chan. He's Richard's assistant. A good guy who can take care of himself in close quarters.

There are also a bunch of pygmy cannibals who live on the island our adventurers are heading for. They don't have significant parts, so I just imagine what they look like.

It's very helpful.

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